Promotion of a construction site
Why do you need to promote construction sites?

Answer 1

Even a small resource of 5-10 pages will be able to bring clients and give an impetus to the development of the business.

Answer 2

You will have a minimum set of key phrases for which promotion will be carried out, so any mistake can negate all efforts

Answer 3

The main goal of promotion is to attract visitors to the site and increase the company’s awareness. To do this, you need to provide the site with the first positions in Yandex and Google.

The algorithm for promoting construction sites depends on a specific niche. This could be a building materials store; a company providing construction and / or repair services; developer of residential areas or private cottages; aggregator for the selection of performers. At the same time, all of the above areas are highly competitive.

Almost all of them have a long transaction cycle. Gathering information, accumulating finance and choosing a contractor can take from several weeks to several years. Therefore, the promotion of construction services on the Internet should be aimed at increasing the trust of potential customers and forming the expertise of the enterprise.

Promotion methods

Our agency conducts SEO-promotion of a construction site in three main areas: brand promotion, traffic and position promotion. It is possible to use both one method and several at the same time — it depends on the specific situation.

  • Brand promotion

This method of promoting a construction company is based on the «pumping» of key phrases with the name of the company or brand. This step represents an increase in the concentration of brand queries in both articles on the site and in external links. In addition to the search engine promotion of the brand, we apply work in social networks, advertising campaigns and sponsorship.

  • Traffic promotion

We determine the most frequent keys and then create a large number of pages for each cluster. In this case, the texts can be both commercial and informational. Examples of key phrases: «turnkey renovation», «kitchen renovation», «living room renovation».

  • Promotion by position

Collecting the semantic core for certain sections and further work with them. After optimizing the texts on the site, we carry out link promotion with subsequent testing and pinpoint correction. Over time, resources go to the TOP of search engines.

Operating procedure

Promotion of construction sites is carried out in stages. Information about the content and results of each stage is constantly available to the customer.

  • Site analysis and audit

At the start of the promotion of a construction site, it is necessary to assess the general situation; determine the strengths and weaknesses of the resource in comparison with competitors; to understand how the site complies with the recommendations of search engines and how convenient it is for the end user.

  • Strategy

Based on the results of the audit, we develop a strategy for promoting the site of building materials: the main directions of development and their priority are determined. Next, we make a list of stages with their detailed descriptions, indicate the deadlines for each. First of all, we eliminate critical problems and perform tasks from which the maximum effect is expected.

  • Collecting the semantic core (SY)

At the start, we collect introductory words on the project, having previously studied the client’s site, competitors’ resources, search tips and advertising campaigns (if any). Further, we expand the collected queries: for example, the query «kitchen renovation Moscow» is an extended version of the phrase «kitchen renovation». After that, we clean the resulting SN of explicit and implicit keys; first with the help of specialized services, and then manually.

  • Internal optimization

At this stage of promoting construction sites, it is extremely important to place prices for all goods and services, add the «Order» button — this directly affects conversions. Also, for small resources, it is not necessary to create a sitemap.xml (a map that «explains» search engines in what order to index content).

  • Working with content

We select the most visited and important pages: main, categories and subcategories, payment and delivery. It is on them that the copywriter writes the texts: the most useful and revealing the advantages of the promoted company and its products, unique and corresponding to the technical task. Do not forget about the visual component, which is extremely important in the construction theme: we select and arrange illustrations. Their role can be photos of the goods, demonstration of the work performed, and so on.

  • External optimization

It is carried out based on the analysis of competitors: in this way, it is possible to draw conclusions about successful and unsuccessful approaches. As a rule, when external promotion of construction sites is required to focus on brand queries. When working with links, you usually need a relatively small number of donor domains — about 150-200; for comparison, in the subject of clothing, this number can go up to hundreds of thousands.

Our advantages

Work experience. We have been performing SEO optimization of sites, including construction sites, for 11 years. We know how to succeed: we make our resources convenient for visitors and relevant to search engines.

Individual approach. We study in detail the client’s niche, his website and competitors; based on these data, we compile a list of works and then follow it. Each client is important to us and his tasks are always in the focus of our attention.

All work on time. We carry out all stages of promoting construction sites by the specified date — accordingly, and business goals are achieved according to plan.

Order website promotion for a construction company in Web112 — and get targeted traffic and positions in the TOP.

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