Promotion of medical sites
Why do you need to promote construction sites?

Answer 1

Even a small resource of 5-10 pages will be able to bring clients and give an impetus to the development of the business.

Answer 2

You will have a minimum set of key phrases for which promotion will be carried out, so any mistake can negate all efforts

Answer 3

The main goal of promotion is to attract visitors to the site and increase the company’s awareness. To do this, you need to provide the site with the first positions in Yandex and Google.

Promotion of a website for medical services is much cheaper than other methods of brand promotion, but you will be able to evaluate its effectiveness in a few months.

Stages of work on a medical web resource

After ordering the promotion of the website of the medical clinic, the specialists of the Web112 company:

  • research the target audience and the main features of competitors;
  • analyze the internal structure of the site and the technical code. This allows you to identify the current problems of the web resource and develop a plan for its promotion;
  • create or expand the semantic core necessary to fill the site with relevant texts;
  • are engaged in writing unique and high-quality content;
  • carry out external optimization of the web resource.

The cost of promoting a medical website directly depends on the goals and objectives set, as well as on the problems identified during the audit.

Features of medical marketing

Strictly speaking, the promotion of a medical website is technically no different from the promotion of other web resources. It is required to analyze the internal structure of the site, eliminate errors in the technical code, draw up a work plan, place text materials on the pages, and so on.

However, when developing a marketing plan for a medical organization, you should carefully consider the quality of the content. Factual errors in the articles can lead not only to financial losses for clients: if the wrong recommendations are followed, it can even be fatal. These problems cannot be compared, for example, with a misconfigured program. Therefore, the litigation that follows the incident can completely destroy the reputation of the medical center or seriously undermine it.

That is why the Web112 company carefully monitors the quality of the content when promoting the website of the medical center. Experienced copywriters with medical education are involved in writing texts. This approach allows you to exclude factual errors, improve the quality of materials and brand expertise, thanks to which high positions of the resource in the search results are achieved.

How we are working

After ordering the SEO promotion of a medical website or clinic, the manager conducts a market analysis and determines the main tasks. Such checks should be carried out regularly to achieve maximum results, as the search engine algorithms are regularly updated.

Then the webmaster is involved in the work. He examines the internal structure of a web resource and identifies its main problems.

The third stage is the creation of a semantic core. It includes the maximum number of requests required to receive targeted traffic. In the future, copywriters are involved in the work, filling the site with unique, expert and relevant content.

The last stage is link building. Articles posted on third-party sites raise the expertise of the target resource and help attract new customers.

Why is it comfortable to cooperate with us

Web112 agency has been operating since 2009 and during this time we have created more than 200 different sites

  • individual approach to the client — the stamped site will not bring profit due to the low detuning from competitors. We listen to all the wishes of the customer at any stage of work;
  • high professionalism of employees.

To order the SEO promotion of a medical center, fill out an application on our website or call. After analyzing the web resource and discussing all the necessary details, our specialist will announce the final cost of the work.

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