Promotion of a young site

Sites that were created less than a year ago are considered new (or young). Their promotion has its own characteristics: search engines still do not «trust» these resources, positions in the search results are low, there are no links or there are very few of them. However, all of these problems can be solved — the main thing is to approach the promotion wisely.

We know what actions will lead to the best result (this is only «white» SEO), and what should not be done in any case. We rely on the recommendations of search engines and trust our own experience.

What can we achieve?

The result is predictable. In about three months of seo-promotion of a new site, you can get:

  • improving the indexing of the site by Google, Yandex and other search engines;
  • an increase in positions in organic search results and, as a result, an increase in traffic from this source;
  • an increase in the reference mass by 10-15%;
  • improving behavioral factors and trust.

All of the above is just the beginning. Having such a result, you can work on the promotion and promotion of this young site to the TOP.

Stages and terms

With those companies that have ordered the promotion of young sites, we work according to the following algorithm.

Stage 1. Communication

Seo promotion of a new site begins with communication with our representative. On the first day, the web112 account manager will get acquainted with the specifics of the business, issue a brief for filling, and gain access to the resource.

Stage 2. Competitive analysis

SEO specialists analyze the TOP results (content, traffic sources, links). As a result, it becomes clear by what methods competitors are promoting their site and it is possible to draw conclusions about the influence of their actions on the result.

Stage 3. Collecting the semantic core

We proceed to direct SEO promotion of a young site: our specialists make a list of keywords and collect other data for promotion. All this information is passed on to the client for review.

Stage 4. Writing text content

The copywriter writes selling and SEO-optimized texts for the home page of the site, product and category descriptions, information for news and other blocks. The main articles are submitted to the client for approval. In parallel, meta tags and headings are being worked out.

Stage 5. Working with links

When promoting a new site, it is very important to choose reputable thematic sites and correctly place natural links. It is this factor that will largely determine how much the search engines will «trust» the resource.

Stage 6. Reports

We send to the client for review the reports on the work performed in the format «What have been done — what result have you received». It is then that it will be possible to evaluate the initial results of promoting a young site.

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