Promotion of travel sites
Why do you need to promote construction sites?

Answer 1

Even a small resource of 5-10 pages will be able to bring clients and give an impetus to the development of the business.

Answer 2

You will have a minimum set of key phrases for which promotion will be carried out, so any mistake can negate all efforts

Answer 3

The main goal of promotion is to attract visitors to the site and increase the company’s awareness. To do this, you need to provide the site with the first positions in Yandex and Google.

The tourist niche is oversaturated and therefore competitive. Accordingly, the promotion of Internet resources in this area is difficult, but, curiously, not necessarily expensive.

In the field of tourism, there are a huge number of sites. Own Internet sites order:

  • tour operators;
  • agencies of all sizes;
  • aggregators of tours, hotels, tickets for transport (air, sea);
  • hotels;
  • countries and cities;
  • tourist sites (eco-parks, fortresses, museums);
  • individual travel services (excursions, pilgrimages, transfers, business trips);
  • blogs;
  • information resources (forums, reviews).

Some sites are open and need support all year round, but there are also seasonal offers (such as Christmas tours).

Features of the promotion of travel sites


The general direction of promoting tourism services, regardless of their type, is approximately the same. A small blog about a city and a large aggregator must be promoted plus or minus according to the same scheme. Here are the most important points of SEO promotion of resources in this area.

  • Content plan

Information on a travel site is more than just another search engine ranking factor. Detailed and persuasive articles can be a decisive factor in the choice of visitors. The pages of the resource can contain texts, photos, graphics and videos.

When promoting a travel product, first of all, it is necessary to make a list of topics for articles. Further, when working on each text, you should develop its plan; make sure that the structure is logical, and the content responds to the maximum user requests. Separately, it is worth noting the requirements for the uniqueness of the text and the reliability of information.

For example, tour information should include:

  1. departure and arrival dates, total tour duration (number of days and nights);
  2. cost and what it includes; list of services available for an additional fee;
  3. the number of people covered by the voucher;
  4. information about accommodation;
  5. program.

Similarly, you should act when developing a plan for any other pages: information about the hotel, tourist region, attractions, and so on.

  • Link promotion

The presence of resources linking to the promoted one is an important factor in the ranking of search engines. Given that the tourism business is particularly competitive, this issue should be taken seriously.

Blogs, thematic events, forums, information resources can act as donor sites. It is extremely important to monitor competitors: which sites and how many refer to them.

  • Usability

When promoting a travel company, it is extremely important that its website is user-friendly and understandable: then it is more likely that users will spend more time on it and come back more often. This fact directly affects the position of the site.

The characteristics that describe the behavior of the average visitor are called behavioral factors. They can and should be influenced. Among them:

  1. design of the main page: the reader must understand where he has ended up and where, in accordance with his requests, he should go further;
  2. design: ease of viewing and easy navigation;
  3. convenient mobile version: normal font size, optimized buttons, simple search and navigation;
  4. online chat: unobtrusive, taking up a small part of the screen and in which a specialist works, aimed at identifying a real need.

Benefits of working with Web112

We have extensive experience in promoting web resources for tourism, so we know which methods work and which don’t. At the same time, we act flexibly, we approach each project individually.

Among the main features of cooperation with our web agency:

  • White SEO only

Methods of «black» and «gray» search engine optimization can give quick, but short-term results. As a result, sites fall under filters that are difficult to get out of.

  • Continuous analysis of user behavior

Allows you to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the decisions made and, if necessary, quickly make changes to the site (regarding structure, content, design, and so on).

  • Special attention to content

Due to the high level of competition in the niche, it is imperative to create high quality content. We strive to make all the information on the site as useful and convenient as possible for end users.

  • Competitor monitoring

We keep our finger on the pulse and evaluate the actions of competitors. Thus, one can adopt some approaches or, on the contrary, draw conclusions about the ineffectiveness of certain strategies.

Order the promotion of travel sites in the agency Web112 — and we will help you get targeted traffic and the necessary positions in search engines.

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