Promotion of a business card site

Promotion of a business card site

Why do you need to promote a business card site?

Answer 1

Even a small resource of 5-10 pages will be able to bring clients and give an impetus to the development of the business.

Answer 2

You will have a minimum set of key phrases for which promotion will be carried out, so any mistake can negate all efforts

Answer 3

The main goal of promotion is to attract visitors to the site and increase the company’s awareness. To do this, you need to provide the site with the first positions in Yandex and Google.

Stages of cooperation

Stage 1

Analysis and development of a website promotion strategy:

  • We discuss goals
  • We analyze the site, fix the indicators
  • Comparison with competitors, looking for weaknesses
  • We draw up a detailed plan

Stage 2

Stage 2 — Optimizing

  • We carry out technical optimization
  • Collecting search queries
  • We increase commercial and behavioral factors
  • We increase the recognition and ranking of the site
  • We write quality text content
  • Building up trust links to a domain

Stage 3

Stage 3 — Tracking the result

  • Improving site positions
  • Increase in traffic to the site
  • Improving behavioral factors
  • Increase in time on the site of each visitor
  • Reduced bounce rate

Promotion of a business card site

There is a misconception that promoting business card sites is useless because of their similarity to landing pages. However, the former, unlike the landing page, can have up to 10 pages and, as a result, cover a fairly large number of requests. As a result of competent SEO-optimization, such sites have every chance to get a significant share of organic search traffic.

The process of promoting a business card site is generally similar to the promotion of other types of resources, while having its own characteristics. Basically, they are associated with the main properties of the «business card»: brevity, simplicity, minimum information posted.

Work on SEO promotion of a business card site

It can be conditionally divided into two stages: basic optimization and subsequent work.

Basic SEO optimization is the main part of the promotion of a business card site, which acts as a foundation for achieving the required positions. It is carried out once, the term is several months. It includes the following stages:

  • Audit. Study of the company’s website, competitors’ resources, as well as niches in general. Next, the site is checked for its compliance with the requirements of search engines. The result is the determination of the strengths and weaknesses of the site based on the ranking factors. This makes it clear what to focus on in the further promotion of the business card site.
  • Collecting semantics
    We collect the semantic core (SN) using Wordstat, Serpstat, Bukvarix, and also analyze the queries for which competitors are being promoted. The peculiarity of collecting CYs when promoting a business card site in comparison with most web resources is a small number of categories and a large number of brand queries.
    When the search engine finds the same phrases in different URLs, we combine them into one group (this will help in developing the structure later on). After that, we distribute requests to the landing pages: as a result, the user who comes to the site from the search engine will get to the right place.
  • Structure development
    It is carried out on the basis of the assembled SN and general logic. A clear structure is the key to successful promotion of a business card site. In most cases, there are only two hierarchical levels. The first is the main page with general information, the second is the description of goods and services, shipping information, portfolio and other necessary sections.
  • Meta tags
    An important stage in promoting a business card site is filling in description, title and keywords. Meta tags allow users to understand the content of a resource and decide whether or not to visit that page. In addition, the correctness of their filling affects the likelihood of getting into search results.
  • Writing texts
    When promoting a business card site, a copywriter writes texts for most pages. The main criteria: uniqueness, solution of end-user problems, compliance with the terms of reference.
  • Link promotion of a business card site
    Links are posted on resources that are relevant to the subject and trusted by search engines. You won’t need a large number of links — about 10 per month is enough with possible adjustments based on the results.

After completing the basic steps for promoting a business card site, you need to start regular work. They include continuing to place links on resources, analyzing positions and making fine adjustments based on it.

Contact the agency Web112 — we will carry out the promotion of a business card site at a reasonable price. If necessary, we will adopt additional methods: contextual advertising, crowd marketing, promotion in social networks.

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