Social networks are not only a means of communication and entertainment, but also an excellent advertising platform for website or business promotion. At the end of 2019, more than 1 billion accounts were registered on Instagram, and the number of active users exceeded
Main advantages

Answer 1

Increase brand awareness through the use of hashtags, reposts and competent interaction with the target audience;

Answer 2

attract new visitors both to the company profile and to the main site by generating traffic;

Answer 3

increase the level of sales;

Answer 4

get feedback from customers to improve the quality of the product;

Answer 5

increase the trust of the main site with search engines through additional links and posts in the profile;

Keeping Instagram

Keeping an account on Instagram is a serious promotion of your business. According to statistics, about 30% of social network users check notifications and scroll through the feed every day. Regular publications and competent targeting gives a powerful influx of customers and increases the popularity of the company.

What is included in the service

  • Account analysis.
  • Competitor monitoring.
  • Audience selection.
  • Writing and publishing content.

What are you getting

The price of the service for maintaining a profile on Instagram includes:

  • analysis of the target audience and behavioral factors. 70% of the content of the social network is in photos and videos. Adjustment for the target audience allows you to optimally select the style and nature of publications, which makes it possible to get new subscribers and increase conversion;
  • selection of hashtags to promote publications. This is a key tool aimed at attracting new subscribers and customers, getting additional shares and likes. Posts with targeted hashtags are easier to enter the TOP and increase the trust of search services;
  • analysis of competitors, creation of a promotion strategy;
  • regular writing of thematic posts, stories and comment moderation;
  • creation of exclusive articles for publication;
  • visual design of the profile, creation of photo and video content.

Internal tools for doing business on Instagram allow you to analyze personal profile statistics and set up targeting based on the price of goods.

How we are working

After agreeing on the primary plan with the customer, our SMM manager analyzes both the company profile and the competitors’ accounts. At this stage, a strategy for maintaining Instagram is developed and the price of the service is approved. After that, an SEO specialist takes over the job, working through queries and hashtags to promote the account.

The posts are created by professional photo designers and copywriters in close cooperation with the SMM manager. If necessary, other specialists are involved in the work.

At all stages of work, we work closely with the client, which allows us to implement the customer’s wishes as soon as possible.

Advantages of ordering the maintenance of an instagram profile in the agency Web112

By contacting our company, you will receive:

  • a unique project — we are not engaged in stamping the same type of accounts. Each of our work is created taking into account the wishes of the customer;
  • strict adherence to deadlines;
  • increase in conversion.

How much it will cost to maintain Instagram, you will find out after the expert evaluates the primary data. The time required to promote an account will depend not only on our work, but also on user activity, as well as on possible changes in search engine algorithms.

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