High-quality website content is an important component of a company’s success

High-quality content is an effective tool for increasing salesSearch engines are constantly tightening their requirements for the internal content of Internet sites, therefore, one of the main promotion tools is filling the resource with high-quality unique content — interesting texts, images, audio and video materials.

They help not only to bring the Internet resource to the TOP of the search results, but also to interest the client, keep him and convince him to make a purchase.

High-quality content is an effective tool for increasing sales

Are you creating a new website and want it to be interesting to potential customers? Then you need to fill it with high-quality and interesting materials that can convince the visitor that he found exactly what he was looking for. The specialists of the Web112 studio are ready to place on your virtual platform texts and media files provided by you or prepared taking into account your wishes.

Do you need to promote an existing Internet resource and increase sales? In this case, it is necessary to carry out filling and support on a regular basis. We are ready to provide you with such services in any volume — from the placement of the content you provided, to the implementation of all turnkey works. In the second case, we carry out work according to the following scheme:

  1. Site audit, identification of materials with low uniqueness.
  2. Analysis of competitors’ virtual sites.
  3. Compilation of a semantic core and preparation of unique texts, compilation of a list of meta tags.
  4. Selection of optimized images and media files.
  5. Uploading content to the site.

Our masters will fill the pages of your site with content that will best match the goals and objectives of your business: text materials, news, promotions, vacancies, product positions, etc.

How does the content of the site help to solve the assigned tasks?

According to statistics, users spend only 8 seconds making a decision to stay on the site or leave forever. To arouse the interest of the user, you need to give him such information that will «hook» him.

The availability of quality materials is also the key to successful SEO promotion in search engines, since search engines are programmed to highlight unique and well-composed, easy-to-understand materials. High-quality information 100% guarantees that the Internet resource will get into the TOP-10 of search engines, and the correct selection of keywords allows you to attract only target users to the virtual platform.

Why should this work be entrusted to professionals?

Site maintenance should be entrusted to specialists, because only they know how to interest the visitor and show search engines what information is contained on the Internet resource. Text materials prepared by masters of their craft:

  • are descriptions of goods and services based on search queries;
  • are divided into thematic blocks with subheadings;
  • include direct and dilution occurrences of key word forms;
  • contain keywords evenly distributed across the main blocks of the page;
  • accompanied by thematic images and videos.

Ordering website content from us is simple and profitable!

The specialists of the Internet studio Web112 are ready to fulfill a one-time order or provide support for your resource on an ongoing basis. You provide content, we process it and insert it into the site. The price depends on the type and amount of information:

Information type Cost (rub.) for 1 pc.
Text page (text + photo) 200
Product in the catalog 100
Photo in gallery 50
News 200
Promotion 200
Vacancy 200

Price calculation example
The client provided the following information for posting on the pages of the online store: 3 text pages (about the company, delivery, payment), 120 commodity items and 5 news. The filling price in this case will be: 3×200 + 120×100 + 5×200 = 13600 rubles.

How to place an order for website content?

Fill out the APPLICATION FORM or call +7 (861) 247-09-47!

Do you want to bring your site to the TOP of search results? Looking to increase your sales? Then order its filling with high-quality materials and ensure active development of your business!

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