Email Marketing

Would you like:

  • Email marketing and email marketingsell to more people with minimal advertising costs?
  • communicate more often with your customers and provide them with important information in a timely manner?
  • sell to those who have already bought from you, over and over again?
  • to have a permanent generator of new clients?
  • outperform your competitors in terms of customer engagement?

All of these questions have an answer: use email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Is there an email marketing tool that is both inexpensive and effective enough? Yes there is, this tool is called Email Marketing.

How it is more correct to call it — marketing or mailing — there is not much difference. Only the first word speaks of a more fundamental approach to customer problems, and the second one sounds less convincing and is more likely associated with spam mailings.

Email marketing is the simultaneous sending of email messages to a large number of users who have given their consent to do so.

Email marketing is not spam

The usefulness of this tool is seriously underestimated, especially in Russia. Many people simply do not do this, because they believe that email newsletters only cause negativity in the target audience. And, by the way, it is not unreasonable.

Since December 2014, the share of spam in email programs has noticeably increased. Many people abuse electronic mailing lists, and send the same letters several times, and some send them endlessly. Of course, this causes negative emotions in people.

However, many users find it convenient to receive information by email. They learn about new events, promotions in stores, receive useful and entertaining materials, and plan their time accordingly. But only if they really gave their consent to receive such letters. This is the key difference between email marketing and spam.

Where can I get a subscriber base?

Take a base of current and potential customers. Chances are, you already know their email address and are in their address book. This will immediately remove suspicions from the anti-spam filters.

Place an attractive subscription form on your site. Regularly post new material on the site that is interesting to your target audience. Thus, site traffic will grow, and the subscriber base will also grow.

Email Marketing Benefits

Obvious and the sooner you start using it, the better. Email Marketing:

  • Promotes increased confidence in the company
  • You can constantly contact a person who has already bought from you (or left your email).
  • New sales (or orders) appear immediately after mailing
  • Much cheaper than other types of advertising. The cost of sending 1 letter to one recipient is less than 1 ruble.
  • When you run out of money in other advertising directions, this tool can be used over and over again.
  • Only targeted users will read your posts
  • If a person no longer wants to read your newsletter, he can unsubscribe from it in 1 click, and you will never bother him again.

Why is it worth ordering an email newsletter from us?

We work in a transparent and conscientious manner. Our letters are not spam, they are written by professional copywriters and sent to subscribers who have given their consent to receive them.

The open rate of our mailings sometimes reaches 80%, and subscribers are usually no more than 0.5-1%. These are very important parameters in email marketing, we will tell you about them over the phone.

How do I order for email marketing services?

Contact us at +7 (988) 247-09-47 or send an APPLICATION.

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