Creation of a business card website

Scope of work

  • Template or unique design
  • Installing the engine, uploading to the server
  • Filling with materials
  • Website training
  • Setting up modules: «One-level catalog», «Prices», «News», «Photo gallery», «Feedback form»

Price: from 40,000 rubles.
Terms: from 15 working days

For whom is it suitable

  • Legal, accounting, auditing firms
  • For real estate agencies
  • Photographers, artists, interior designers
  • Any start-up entrepreneurs providing professional services

A «business card» is a small site containing a minimum of necessary information about a company. It is as simple and laconic as possible, thanks to which it has an affordable cost. Among its other advantages: prompt launch, minimal maintenance costs, the ability to expand to a large corporate resource in the future.

However, the development of a business card website in some aspects does not differ from the execution of large online stores. Both must have a well thought-out structure, user-friendly navigation, cross-browser layout, and be SEO-optimized.

Within the framework of the business card site, the creation of the following sections is provided:

  • general information about the company: the client must have an idea of ​​what the company is doing, whether he can be trusted and what is the advantage of cooperation;
  • description of goods or services: for example, a mini-portfolio or a price list available for download. In the same block, you can place a feedback form;
  • contacts: office address and working hours, organization phone numbers, email address, integration with social networks.

The main goal is the initial acquaintance of clients, partners and other visitors of the page with the activities of the company. Therefore, as part of creating a business card site, you should not try to add as much information as possible there: it is not intended for this. There should be no bulky modules on this resource.

Who needs a business card site

It is worth ordering the creation of a business card website:

  • individual entrepreneurs who provide services on their own: photographer, lawyer, psychologist. This resource will serve as an effective presentation of services and will not require large investments;
  • small companies and startups that have just entered the market: they do not yet have a need for a large site or have doubts about its effectiveness;
  • those who have a modest budget: the cost of creating a business card site is lower than that of any other resource. Moreover, its presence makes it possible to at least partially solve the assigned tasks;
  • if the site is needed urgently.

Examples of business card sites

As an example, consider 2 sites:

Example 1

An example of a developed business card site for paving slabs — the site of a private craftsman who is laying paving slabs in the Krasnodar Territory. The site is laconic and simple, has only 5 pages: home, about work, prices, gallery, contacts. For most of thematic search queries, it is in the TOP 10 search engines Yandex and Google.

An example of a developed business card site for paving slabs

Example 2

An example of a developed design business card site is a site for a group of specialists engaged in the inspection of buildings and structures, design and monitoring. This site is an advanced business card that gives the impression of a corporate site. There are about 50 pages, a solid design, a clear understandable structure, easy navigation — thanks to all these qualities, the site has no problems with indexing either in Google or Yandex. It is also included in the TOP 10 search engines in the Krasnodar region for thematic queries.

An example of a developed website design business card

Stages of creating a turnkey business card website

The development of a business card site includes all the same stages as when creating a full-fledged corporate resource, only in a simplified form.

  1. Preliminary work. At this stage, discussion takes place, development of technical specifications (TOR), filling out a brief by the client and signing an agreement by both parties.
  2. Prototyping. This stage consists of thinking over the structure of the company’s website and its schematic drawing.
  3. Design. It can be unique or formulaic: it depends on the goals of the company, the wishes of the client and the budget.
  4. Filling content. Text and images. As a rule, videos are not relevant when creating a small website.
  5. Layout. The site becomes operational: all buttons function, pages are displayed correctly on any browsers and devices. The resource connects to a management system (CMS).
  6. Testing. As part of the development of a turnkey business card site, this stage is quite simple, since the resource itself is laconic and there should not be a large number of errors in it.
  7. Delivery of the project. Final approval, as well as instruction on how to work in the CMS. The cost of creating a business card site depends on the number of pages in it (there can be from 1 to 10), the type of design (template or unique), urgency and other factors.

If you want to use the potential of your business card site to 100%, just order its creation in our studio. To do this, call us at +7 (988) 247-09-47 or send an APPLICATION.

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