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Creation of turnkey online stores on 1C-Bitrix, Drupal and OpenCart

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We use a proactive approach in our work!

Of course. Tell us about your topic, customers and competitors. How would you like to see your site? We will offer several options for solutions and help you choose the best one. So, with joint efforts, you will quickly get an effective site. Just call us or leave a request on this page.

Why did> 150 clients trust us?

We offer exactly the kind of site that you need, delving into the essence of the business

We solve your business tasks: from presenting your company on the Internet to increasing sales

We maintain and monitor the performance of the site and its components

We comply with the terms prescribed in the contract, we deliver 70% of projects ahead of schedule

We guarantee that there are no problems with the site: technical errors, crumpled layout and others

Stages of developing an online store

The TK describes in detail all the required functionality of the store. The main pages are also prototyped. A competently drafted technical specification helps to save up to 50% of the cost for further development.

Types and cost of online stores

* This table does not mean that we make only such online stores with just such a set of modules.
The division into packages is done to understand the pricing. We will draw up an individual estimate for you.

$2200per month
  • Template design
  • Mobile platforms
  • Catalog
  • Cart and checkout
  • Content Management System (CMS)
$3300per month
  • Combined design
  • Mobile platforms
  • Catalog
  • Cart and checkout
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Personal Area
  • Search the catalog
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Similar Products
  • Back call
$3700per month
  • Design
  • Catalog
  • Cart and checkout
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Individual set of components.
  • We can offer you a store that is ideal for your business.
  • We can make an analogue of any module from any site on the Internet.

Creation of online stores in Moscow on a turnkey basis on 1C-Bitrix, Drupal and OpenCart

The main goal of the online store

Online stores are created in order to provide sales by increasing conversion, average check, and the number of repeat purchases. Also, using this tool, it is possible to increase customer loyalty, quickly receive feedback and inform visitors about promotions. In addition, the creation of such a resource makes it possible to automate the client service and thus reduce its costs.
In the process of developing an online store, we focus on the above goals and create the most convenient resources with useful modules.

Advantages of an online store over aggregators and marketplaces

Trading platforms (marketplaces) and aggregator platforms can become both an alternative to traditional online stores, and an addition to them. If we consider these places as a replacement, then online sales on your own resource have the following advantages:
  • clearer structuring of goods and development of your own filter system, which makes it easier for the user to search. When choosing aggregators and marketplaces, you have to be content with existing solutions;
  • the possibility of upselling (offering related products on the store page, «catching up» letters when the cart is abandoned);
  • the use of aggregators and marketplaces is paid. The same funds can be spent on improving and promoting your own resource;
  • in most cases, sellers with the lowest price “win” on aggregators, while in your online store you can attract customers with other advantages;
  • in online stores, you can successfully sell any goods, including little-known brands, while on marketplaces, popular brands usually «win»;
  • lack of moderation: you can add new cards and make changes to existing ones instantly, without waiting for the approval of the site administration. This is especially true when new products, promotions and so on appear;
  • monetization and affiliate programs: on your own resource there is an opportunity to place advertisements, organize affiliate programs and thus receive additional income (in addition to sales).

What is taken into account when developing

We are engaged in the creation of turnkey online stores — this means that we take on all the stages from thinking through the structure to placing the site on the hosting. Before proceeding with the implementation of the technical part of the project, we carry out a number of marketing works. In particular:
  • Filling out the brief
Finding out if the customer’s goods / services have been sold online before? How many items are in the catalog? Mono-brand or multi-brand? What is the pricing policy for the market? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the company in comparison with competitors? Who is the target audience?
  • Customer wishes
They can relate to both the technical side and design, layout, site content — in a word, any stage of work. We consider all proposals and come to an optimal solution. Based on the discussions, we draw up a technical specification and an agreement, which indicates the timing of each stage of work, the cost, the required number of modules, template or unique design, and so on.
  • Functionality
When developing a website for an online store for any region (Moscow, St. Petersburg or Krasnodar), our main goal is to achieve our goals. Based on this, the functionality of the resource is thought out: search, callback, online payment, chat, product comparison, and so on. All this is individual. For example, for any online stores where a check is supposed to contain from 10 items (for example, products), it is important to be able to add an item to the cart directly from the category, without going to the card.

Our advantages

  • Development of a turnkey online store
We will take on such work: choosing a suitable template or «drawing» a unique design, installing interactive widgets and calculators, connecting CRM systems. You do not have to modify the site yourself or contact third-party contractors.
  • Specialists with specialized education
Our team consists of web developers and programmers who have an education in their work profile.
  • Choosing an engine for the site
We determine the engine based on the needs of the site and its main functions. In addition to common CMS (Drupal, WordPress, 1C-Bitrix), it is possible to use a unique script developed by web programmer Igor Filipenko.
  •  Internet promotion
This is a separate service that is not included in the price of developing an online store. Includes SEO optimization, as well as the launch of advertising on Google, Yandex and social networks.

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