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Search engine optimization of a site (in other words, Search Engine Optimization or SEO) is the output of a site to the TOP10 search engines Yandex and Google by thematic and informational queries.

Why is SEO better than contextual advertising?

SEO is no better than contextual advertising. It is better when the complex uses search engine optimization and contextual advertising. If the site is shown to the user both in advertising links and in organic search results, this is doubly credible than if it is somewhere in one place.

When do you need SEO?

It is better to start SEO in almost any case if the business is supposed to develop continuously over several years. SEO work can be compared to going to the gym: the more stable you walk (at least once a week), the better the result will be. The more unstable you walk (albeit often, but take longer breaks), the worse the result will be.

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